Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2012 - The Year of the Quilts

So, you may have wondered why I've not been posting lists of books. The answer is a bit odd. Ever since January, I've found myself quilting rather than reading. I'm still reading, of course, but it's mostly rereading comfort books. Quilting is where I've really been pushing my own boundaries.

Thus, with that in mind, here are list of my Works In Progress, 2012 edition!

NOTE: please do NOT put these on Pintrest.  I'm not ready for that kind of attention just yet. Thanks!

1. It all started with a trip to Jo-Anne's with my sister . . . I found this gorgeous fabric, and then couldn't think of an excuse. So, I called my best friend who is engaged to his sweetie, and a decision was born. Since these were our wedding colors too, I'll be making TWO quilts out of this stash!  (Yes, I bought 3 jelly-rolls, is that bad?)  :D 

Here's where I'm at with the first quilt: strips, squares, and then arranged into a basket weave pattern!

2.  Then I realized how close spring was, and hurried to work on a baby quilt for a friend in Germany. She's due in March, and I've just GOT to get it in the mail! It lacks 3 inches of binding being sewn down and then it's done. The issue with this one is that I didn't really have a plan for how all of those panels were going to fit back together. Would you believe I ended up going online to see how they'd been on the yard of fabric to start with???  What a mess!  Still, I think it turned out nicely! (The binding is the same wood-grain black as in the shadow-boxing.)


3.  At that point, I got distracted again, this time by K's quilt.  I decided on a large couch-quilt that she can snuggle with her hubby under in the evenings. She recently redecorated her living room to be neutral and dark red. Ahhh, did that light a fire under me! I had a box of dark red fabric that I'd moved with 5 times in the last decade. At last, a use! 

The second picture is of what I WAS going to use for the back (she loves cats and orange) but then I decided it was just too insane and went out and got some different fabric. Still cats, but cats at the beach in a calm palate.  All I've got to do is piece that into a back and we're golden!

4 & 5 (double-sided). Then my sweet husband and I decided to try out long-arm quilting. There's a machine about an hour's drive away that you can rent for $50 / day, and all the instruction you'll need is included. That's too good a deal to miss. So then he suggested that I make a "practice quilt" for our first attempt at the machine, before we got on to the meat of the matter and worked on the Cat in the Hat quilt. So, I raided my stash and tried to get rid of fabric that I just wasn't feeling in the mood for . . . orange leopard print, anyone?  :D

The one side is "Citrus Surprise" and then the other side is "Froggie Symphony in Blue."  Don't ask.  It made sense at the time.
Then, just as I was wondering what in the world I was going to do with the silly thing, I got a call from J. a friend of mine who lives just north of San Francisco. She was feeling down and sad with all the grey stuff.  Ahhh, did I have a quilt for her!  :D  She's the one who inspired the pretty star-border. I'd been saving that for a special occasion, and here we were!

  Imagine then my delight when I got to the end of the quilt and realized I could WRITE with THREAD!!!! Oh, I found myself wishing I'd paid better attention during 3rd grade cursive lessons!
And yes, we got TWO quilts done in one day! Such a good deal, and SO much fun. It really brought a whole new dimension to the way I think about quilts. In fact, I made a list of all the things I learned.  Hmmm, perhaps a follow up post?

6. Then my mother came to visit. And she brought her quilting stuff . . . as well as a purple project that we'd decided on for my cousin who is due in May. Mind you, purple is NOT my color. Mom, on the other hand, has a MASSIVE stash of purple. So, S. picked out 20+ fabrics, and here's what we came up with:
It started as a strip quilt and then acquired two parallel stripes, and a pale purple border. That border nearly killed me -- 5 seams in 5 days -- but it's done now and off to be approved! I've got a machine-quilting date with a friend in mid-March and I'll see if I can't get it done then.
BTW: the new quilting rule for purple in my house?
No seam-rippers allowed! If it's wrong, just cut it off!  :D

7.  While mom was here, she of course wanted to try out the long-arm quilter too. So, while she quilted a flannel quilt for my newly-married brother and his wife, I shopped. (Penguins!!!)
Then she finished earlier than I thought she would, and the heavily hand-embroidered quilt that I'd been planning on turning over to the professional to quilt, ended up on the machine with ME at the needle.  *gulp* 

Mind you, this top has quite the history. I finished the top sometime before 2004, because there's some embroidery on it with that date. Then I moved. Mom wanted to try some machine-quilting, so the top went to her to play with. Time passed. In 2007, I found a picture of it on my computer, wondered what had happened with it, and it was unearthed from the box where she'd been keeping it safe. I then took a Victorian embroidery class and needed something to embroider. You see where this is going, right?  Oh those lovely ladies at the senior center. My fabric / thread choices certainly were cheerful!  In any case, I ended up quilting the silly thing, and now all it needs is binding and it's done. Such a voyage!
8.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my eldest niece called. She's newly 9 and just got her first serious doll. I of course inquired as to whether the doll needed a quilt. She did! Thanks to facetime, H. even picked out both the fabric and the pattern (thanks, pintrest!).  Yes, the jellyfish were her idea. (They were in my stash because my husband fell for them!)

Overall, I think it's charming!  I need to put the back on, sandwhich it, flip it inside out, quilt it and put it in a box to be mailed!  :D
Yes, those ARE owls on the back. She clearly takes after me, right?  :) 

 9.  Then it rained. No, really. And this was the state of my quilting area:  
Clearly, something had to be done. Right? I thought so too!

I'm not quite sure where it's headed, all I know is that it's cheerful, and I've decided on 10" squares. We'll see how this one ends up
10.  Ten?  I have TEN projects in process? Well, not really. Still, I did mention the Penguins, right???  :D  Sneak-peek then!
Yes, they DO all have metallic silver accents! I'm a magpie, and I'm proud of it! 

Love you all,
Mrs. Turkey.

PS: What'cha think? :)


  1. Lovely!!!
    Hey maybe you could post a list of your comforting re-reads.

  2. Wow! The quilts are really beautiful.

  3. Wow. I just went through and counted, and I've finished 8 quilts and 4 pillows this year. Mind you, I still have several unfinished (or unstarted) projects, but still, this is amazing amounts of productivity from me!


    Mrs. Turkey